Chrissi – Coach & Consultant

“Helping people to meet whatever challenges they face, fulfil their potential and inspire others to do the same is one of the most fulfilling things I am privileged to experience. People tell me I am an inspiration, which is as much as I can ask for. They also say I am organised, self motivated, calm, creative and perceptive.”



Chrissi started in HR learning and development in 1992, and has since developed her own career in human performance engineering and organisational development. Through this she has worked with major corporate organisations such as C&G/Lloyds TSB, Shell EP, The BAA, General Healthcare Group, Gatwick Airport Ltd and BP, focusing on strategic and cultural change in particular. A communicator at heart, internal and external communication strategies and programs have also been a major feature in Chrissi’s work during the last ten years.

Since 2004 Chrissi has also developed her own business interests, adding her own experience of entrepreneurship and small business ownership to her portfolio.