Ishreen – Bizas’ Principal

“Have you noticed how smart people often face a barrier to performance when knowledge & intellect become insufficient for the next leap forward in performance?

I am a business coach consultant whose passion is to enable smart people to perform at their best. Clients have access to over 25 years experience: from being a Senior Manager at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young to over 10 years running my own coaching business; from a London Business School MBA to a Masters in Coaching from Ashridge – all peppered with good old fashioned common sense & a dose of reality. I apply what is relevant from my experience to each client I work with.
Performance, Distinctness, Connectedness, Finesse, Insight and Courage  are the values I work from.


Some clients have continued to work with me for over 10 years.

They tell me that my approach to coaching provides a calm, tranquil space in which they feel safe to explore their performance challenges.

I listen to them & hear what they have to say without judgement or opinion. As they explore, I ask incisive questions that enable them to find clarity & focus.

The energy released by this process enables them to deliver results beyond what they thought possible in the 3Ps: People, Productivity & Profitability. I would love to hear from you if you are looking to take the next leap forward in one or all of the 3Ps.”


Ishreen Bradley brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurship and corporate understanding to Bizas.

Her experience in business consulting and coaching was gained at BT, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and her own company Bizas.

Ishreen has worked with an array of clients from small business to some of the world’s largest organisations including Sky, Standard Chartered Bank and Hermes.

Ishreen’s practical experience is supported by an MBA from London Business School and a Masters in Coaching from Ashridge.

Her key strength is an ability to build rapport quickly, identify business priorities and work with individuals and teams to deliver results. She knows the questions to ask which enable people to articulate what they want to achieve and produce unprecedented business and personal performance.


“Ishreen provided valuable guidance that gave me insight and equipped me with the appropriate thought processes in my new senior management position. Calm and collected, Ishreen always had useful advice for challenging situations. She helped me to take a broader view of day-to-day as well as long strategic issues that has benefited me enormously.”
– Board Director, IT Research Firm

“Your ability to help resolve conflicts, operate with integrity and stand for outstanding results was very inspiring. You brought clarity and realism. I learned a lot about and developed my own leadership.”
– CEO, Global Arts Organisation

“Kept me focused on activities that will really make a difference.”
– Director, HR Consultancy