Corporate Social Responsibility

Bizas founder Ishreen Bradley is developing a number of CSR initiatives for Bizas.  Below you will find information on current projects.

My Business Adventure:

My Business Adventure delivers events that enable women entrepreneurs to experience being bigger, bolder and ready to turn their dreams into action and results!

More information on My Business Adventure is available at:

Women Engaged in Building Bridges:

Ishreen Bradley & June Jacobs established Webb-UK to enable women as the key family educators to explore and understand why people from different cultures and faiths do things differently.  The main purpose of Webb-UK is to ensure that people can appreciate similarities as well as differences between people although they may not agree with all practices.  This understanding will then enable a more tolerant approach.  Webb-UK provides workshops for women as well as family based events such as sports meets and cultural shows to enable bridges to be built between people from different communities.

More information on WEBB-UK at: