Ishreen Bradley

Ishreen’s particular passion is to enable female leaders in technology and innovation driven organisations to reach their highest potential, be inspired by who they are and be fulfilled by their work.

For the last 25 years, she has provided executive coaching, consulting and facilitation services that enable highly intelligent business leaders to develop a matching emotional intelligence and personal brand consistent with their values and the values of their organisation.  Sometimes these leaders are adjusting to new executive roles or looking to develop new skills; at others they are leading demanding initiatives to improve business or team performance.

Typically, Ishreen works with her clients and their teams when they want to increase strategic impact and influence, deliver specific business goals or expand their effectiveness in leading large-scale initiatives.  Her work is tailored to her client’s specific requirements and adapted to deliver maximum value within operational constraints.

Challenges that Ishreen has supported her clients with include:

  • Developing strategies to overcome a lack of confidence in their ability to succeed in a BIG job
  • Managing organisational politics as well as dealing with managerial responsibilities
  • Taking a strategic perspective and concurrently dealing with the tactical and operational aspects of their job
  • Developing and implementing strategies for success when promoted to board or senior roles whilst developing the necessary skills and aptitudes to succeed

Having graduated as an Electronics Engineer, Ishreen quickly progressed to senior positions at BT and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young before establishing her own company Bizas Coaching & Consulting Ltd.  Her recent clients range from owners of small, high growth businesses to Executives in some of the world’s largest organisations  such as BP, Pfizer, Aimia and JP Morgan.

Ishreen brings her experience of leading and managing teams around the world to benefit her clients. Her experience spans strategy, supply chain, human performance and technology.

She has personally experienced what is required to make the transition from being an expert in her field to enabling others who were more expert than her in producing excellent results within demanding timescales; and then from being a manager to being a leader and director of teams that supported clients through complex change.

She has worked with clients around the world from sectors such as: Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Manufacturing, IT, Telecommunications and Media.

Ishreen’s practical experience is supported by an MBA from London Business School and a Masters in Coaching from Ashridge.  She is an Ashridge accreditated Executive Coach and works to the Ashridge code of conduct for coaches.

In addition to her professional qualifications, Ishreen is an accredited practitioner of Purposeful Teams and a range of diagnostic tools such as Firo B, SDi and the Inspiring Leader 360.

Her key strength is her ability to build rapport quickly, identify business priorities and work with individuals and teams to deliver results. She knows the questions to ask that enable people to articulate what they want to achieve and produce unprecedented business and personal performance.

She is committed to maximising performance and personal fulfilment in equal measure for everyone she works with.