Case study – A Media Opportunity?

 Ishreen was approached by a Divisional Director at Cap Gemini during summer 1996.  Having acquired parts of Granada Television a few years previous, the company had a small media business that managed airtime sales to advertisers on behalf of the leading independent broadcasters.

The Director had foresight and could see that the Media sector was about to boom with the impending commercialisation of interactive technologies.  He recruited Ishreen to support him with developing this fledgling business.

However, this was a high risk strategy for what was a fairly traditional business at that time.

Ishreen listened to the Director’s Vision and worked with him to create a new strategy for the media business.

She identified low cost marketing initiatives that communicated Cap Gemini as a contender in the media marketplace.

Within a year, Cap Gemini had a £12mn business and a reputation as a key supplier to this fast growing market.