Case study – A Passion for Talent

Elva Ainsworth had left a high profile career as head of 360 at SHL to set up her own 360 consulting business, Talent Innovations. With leading edge technology developed by her brother and husband, her administration being done by her daughter and book-keeping by her Mum, Elva was already well supported. She had managed to blend a successful embryonic business with the ability to spend time with her young family.

However, Elva realised that she was only scratching the surface of the true potential of her business. That is when she decided to engage Bizas’ Principal, Ishreen Bradley as her coach.

Unleashing the Passion

Ishreen listened to Elva’s inner commitment and coached her from that commitment.  Working with Ishreen, Elva realised the true value and potential of her business.  She realised that she could make a significant difference to people at work through her company’s services.  That was what she was passionate about!

With Breakthrough Performance, Elva was able to go beyond her concerns. Using a set of structured conversations that addressed how she listened enabled Elva to confront decisions she had previously made that limited the potential of her business and encouraged her to create an ambitious and clear game plan for expanding her business.  She established her priorities, created structures for performance and communicated her proposition with impact to her prospects and clients.

As a result of their work together, the next year Elva persuaded her brother Mark to leave his high profile job with a large Supermarket and become a co-owner in the business; they employed a full time PA and moved into office premises away from the home office.  Elva and Mark worked with Ishreen, using Project Metamorph to continue to implement new structures and include Mark’s contribution to the business.

Ishreen has been engaged as a coach to Talent Innovations since 2005.   Each year, Talent Innovations has grown significantly in terms of sales, number of employees and office space.  Their client base now includes a large number of blue chip clients and established academic institutions.