Case study – All Change at the Sharp End

 A business unit in a recently privatised global telecommunications company had a problem.  The regulators were tightening the noose.

Employing over 150 staff, the unit’s function was to negotiate telecommunications standards and provide consultancy on a commercial basis to equipment manufacturers such that they could have their equipment approved to connect to the national network.

With its own sales, marketing, R&D, training and negotiating teams; this business unit represented a microcosm of the company following privatisation.

With the tightening of the regulatory regime, a decision was taken to dissolve the business unit and distribute its staff within the wider business to share their commercial experience with other parts of the organisation.

Ishreen was appointed to ‘change manage’ the de-merger of the business unit with the objective of migrating the different teams to the wider business.

She worked with the senior team to identify the core skills of the different teams and match them with other business units.

She then worked with the teams to manage the emotional and rational processes in order to ensure that each individual and team was in a powerful position to work with their new colleagues productively and be fulfilled.

Staff from this business unit went on to make a difference in the evolution of key technologies that we take for granted today – many of them being promoted to senior levels in their new business units within a year.