Case study – Dare to Venture

It aimed to go beyond traditional creative agencies by blending Management Consulting Services with creative design staff and technologists.

The challenge was to create a new culture and way of operating that would enable the newly formed business to sell and deliver effectively as soon as possible.

Ishreen was chosen to project manage the formation of a new collaborative operating process and culture given her ability to communicate effectively with all the different stakeholders in the new business and her breadth of experience in working with different skill groups.

Her approach was to work initially with the individual groups to understand their perspectives, hopes and fears about the new businesses and then bring the different skill groups together to design new ways of working together using a commercially led approach based on available client sales opportunities and projects to be delivered.

She worked with the senior team to identify business priorities and put together cross-functional teams to deliver the sales bids/projects.

She then worked with the teams on a bid by bid and project by project basis to develop a sense of team as well as implement operating structures that enabled them to perform at their maximum potential.

In its first year, DareStep delivered over 15 projects to leading Financial Services and Government Sector clients and established itself as a key contributor to the success of its parent company.

Charles Somorin, Managing Consultant, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young who worked with Ishreen as a colleague on the project says:

“Ishreen is an experienced management advisor who specializes in developing and delivering value-adding business and technology propositions for clients. She is considered to be a thought-leader on knowledge based systems across multiple channels.  Ishreen possesses a rare mix of process, people and technology skills that enables her to transcend all levels in a typical client scenario.”