Case study – TV Pioneers Bridging Culture and Technology

 In 1997, British Interactive Broadcasting (BiB) was established by four key stakeholders: Sky, BT, Midland Bank and Matsushita.  Its intention was to roll out the first interactive television service in the UK.

A key challenge for BiB was that the new business had been staffed with people from the four stakeholder businesses, each with its own unique culture, values and ways of operating.  They had to gel as a team and deliver results in a very short timescale.

BiB’s Operations Director Alastair Smith asked Ishreen to work with BiB staff to enable this to happen.  Ishreen and her team worked with the BiB Board initially to work through their differences and create a joint vision, as well as the wider BiB team to design the business wide operational process.

As a result, BiB was able to launch on time and be known as the company that innovated interactive television in the UK.

BiB was since rebranded as “Open” and is now known as “Sky Interactive”.

Christine Burns, Principal Consultant, Cap Gemini, a colleague working with Ishreen at BiB says:

“Our complementary specialist activities meant that Ishreen and I had a number of opportunities to work together for the benefit of our clients. I found her to be very talented at helping clients to think beyond their initial conceptions and see their needs from a broader and more strategic perspective — laying excellent ground for my own work with them. I especially admire Ishreen’s talent for influencing the structure of organisations and their work teams.”