There are many reasons why a business owner might feel their business is ‘stuck’ and not progressing how they want it to. These include:-

  • There isn’t a big enough market for your product or service
  • Your product or service is below standard compared to the competition
  • Your price is too high – or too low
  • Your marketing / advertising is poor and not enough people know about you
  • You don’t have the right team/skills around you

But actually – what is far more likely is that the cause lies with you. We all feel lacking in motivation from time to time – and that is disaster for your business. As soon as you feel that lacklustre feeling creeping up – you need to analyse what is causing it. It will almost always come down to stress, lack of focus or lack of resources.

Let’s examine that a bit more.

  1. Stress. This can be caused by many things. Perhaps you have too much or too little going on in your business. Perhaps there are problems that lie outside the workplace – family commitments, illness, issues with friends, bereavement, debt for example – that impact on work.   Perhaps the stress is caused by work – conflict in the workplace, issues with suppliers, unhappy customers, staff turnover, staff sickness, IT issues. Whatever the cause of the stress is needs to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  2. Lack of focus. Stress can cause a lack of focus. So can success – or having too much to do. Having a ‘To Do’ list that is longer than one sheet of A4 would indicate that there is too much going on – especially if that list never gets any shorter. Unless this lack of focus is addressed, important and urgent stuff will be missed or delivered in a sub standard way which may end up losing you clients.
  3. Lack of resources. This can be a genuine lack of available cash for a small business – especially in the early stages. Or it could be fear that causes a lack of resources. Sometimes business owners feel they are the only ones who can deliver results and therefore they are reluctant to delegate tasks. Sometimes it is a concern about using funds to outsource.

Whatever the causes of the above issues there are solutions. If you click on the link you can watch a short video which outlines some of the solutions



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