Complimentary Workshops

Our ‘Business Plan on a Postage Stamp’ workshops are held at Metro Bank stores where we deliver our programmes.

Borehamwood store 2I attended this free workshop last month.   I found it a useful way to set goals and consider the resources and the time line for achieving it. It was very timely for me as I expand the way I run my business.”  

Jimi Sayo, Hypnotherapist

Interesting to hear about other’s experience and learing the sunbeam technique”  

Paula Owen, Energy & Climate Change Consultant

Upcoming Workshops:

London and Hertfordshire: Please contact us on 0203 362 2940 for information on upcoming workshops which will be taking place on weekday evenings from 6-8pm during August-October 2015.

These complimentary workshops for micro, small and medium sized business owners are designed to help you discover and refresh your business goals, create a one-page visual business plan and be introduced to the Bizas MasterMind Boardroom.

Metro Bank and Bizas Coaching are providing this forum for small and medium sized businesses in London and the Home Counties to create and implement actions that enable high performance with ease and satisfaction.

The workshops start you on the journey of planning for the future whilst growing your business very quickly in a way that creates revenue and profit. Metaphorically speaking, it will enable you to ‘walk and chew gum at the same time’.

Bring your ideas – your vision and your goals from which we will create a map that breaks down your business challenge into a memorable, structured visual that will help you make sense of what is required to have your business goals fulfilled.

The workshop will enable you to:

  • Stay focused and implement the right steps so that you can deliver on your ideas
  • Have a structure to work from – have it be progressive and one that can be put it into action
  • Manage your business and deliver quality standards while generating future business
  • Ensure that your eye is on all aspects of ‘the ball’
  • Focus on your target goals

These are fun, interactive events that start setting the groundwork for you to grow your sales, leapfrog your competition and be motivated & inspired by the potential of your business.

To secure your place at one of these workshops, please email Ishreen Bradley, on with your name, phone number, email address and the name of your business.