Insurance firm LV recently asked 5,000 workers to rank their careers against the features judged most important in a job. Just 4% saw excitement as a must-have, while for 74% job security was top, with 60% going for a good salary and 59% rating reasonable working hours.

To the delight of  accountants  everywhere (who earn £38,282pa on average) their profession scored best on those criteria.

Looking from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I find this news quite surprising and a little sad for a country that is supposed to be as developed as ours.

For sure, accountants provide a very useful service, but don’t you think our country needs more people to be motivated by entrepreneurship and self actualisation?  Otherwise, how will we generate the kinds of businesses that keep our accountants employed?

Interested in your thoughts on how we can support the majority of working people move towards the level of self actualisation required to put our country back in the lead and beyond their current focus on basic and safety needs.


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