Executive & Group Coaching

Bizas coaching interventions take place at the individual, team and business unit levels.

They are customized to focus on the client’s need and can include:

  • Developing Purposefulness
  • Leadership Development
  • Producing results through People
  • Improving Productivity
  • Meeting and Exceeding targets

Sample Result:

Newly appointed Board member of IT Research firm moved from bottom to top percentile in the “Global Inspirational Leader” Benchmark over a 6 month period and delivered most successful Division in first year on the Board.

More Information

Bizas coaching interventions take place at the individual, team and business unit levels.  They are customized to focus on the client’s need and can include the following:

Coaching for Individuals:

  • Purposefulness: we work with individuals to be clear on their personal purpose at work
  • Nurturing relationships: develop fruitful relationships with others and restore any relationships that are not currently working as well as possible
  • Producing results through people
  • Generating Leadership: Leadership development, Board Room readiness and ability to lead complex change
  • Performing at your best – from stress and under performance to confidence, courage and results
  • Productivity: increase productivity levels through prioritization (Time Management) as well as deal with thoughts, feelings and opinions that are in the way of their being productive (Overcoming personal barriers to productivity)
  • Meeting and beating targets
  • Unleashing sales potential
  • Developing strong customer relationships by being familiar with the customer’s world and offering the unexpected; resulting in delighted customers who experience excellent customer service

Coaching for teams:

  • Purposeful teams
  • Authentic alignment with business direction and goals
  • Establishing role clarity and accountability
  • Delivering on the team promise
  • Working as one team
  • Selling as a team
  • Effective communication
  • Overachieving performance

Coaching for business units:

  • Embedding the business brand and proposition with individuals and teams
  • Collaboration between teams and functions in the organization
  • Enabling engagement with the company’s systems
  • Delivering excellent customer service

Coaching services are delivered in different environments depending on the client need and can take place on-site or off-site.  Bizas aims to work in environments that deliver results and these can vary from office environments through off site conference and hotel venues to creative locations designed to ensure the intervention is effective.  For example, where an executive is dealing with a stressful challenge that is impacting their performance, we provide a service that combines coaching with a more relaxing environment such as a spa or golf day. The majority of our coaching services are delivered at the client’s office location.