managing relationships
Managing relationships is an essential factor in business success. Hermits or individuals stranded alone on a deserted island may be exempt from handling relationships efficiently and even those cases are rare. As the practice of encountering and working with people is a given, it is essential for each person to know how to deal with people with empathy in order to succeed in business.


Individuals have the experience of dealing with people from an early age.  As young babies, we are often handled by a long line of giddy relatives and family friends Babies may not know about the importance of managing relationships yet but the practice makes them feel more comfortable around people besides their parents. As the baby grows older and eventually becomes an adult, the individual slowly realizes that certain actions and words can have an impact in relationships. How the child deals with relationships at a young age is a strong indication of what they will become as adults.

Why Managing Relationships Is So Crucial For Your Business

Interaction from a young age helps people gain experience and understanding on how to deal and work with others but does not guarantee that the individual becomes skilled in managing relationships. There are those who are born with a special gift of being comfortable around people while others need a lot more training, guidance and time. For some people, early life experiences cause them to make decisions that make them behave in counter-productive ways.  In such cases, a skilled coach can help them come to terms with past experiences that get in the way of having effective business relationships and learn how to manage their relationships effectively.

Although we learn how to interact with people from a young age, there are a lot of factors to consider. People react differently to the same stimuli. This means that enabling people to manage their relationships is not just a science but also requires a high degree of sensitivity and awareness. Making mistakes is an unavoidable but necessary aspect when it comes to managing relationships.

In any environment – and particularly in a business environment, it is important to know how to deal with people. Managing relationships helps individuals to connect at a deeper level, work in groups and deal with different types of people to deliver on the organisations objectives. This is true whether it is dealing with a subordinate, a colleague or a boss.

Managing Relationships Is Intrinsic To Your Business Success

Managing relationships involves being constantly aware of what people around you are feeling, what motivates them and what their preferred ways of communicating may be. Humans are unpredictable creatures. People may form habits but they can, with careful attention, break them.

There are perks to managing relationships in a considered way. Individuals who do so have deeper relationships with other people. People are naturally drawn to those who they feel a connection to or those they feel will treat them properly. Trust and loyalty are only some of the rewards for people who make an effort to improve their ability to manage relationships.

As with any part of life, there are risks to overdoing the process of managing relationships. Limiting oneself to certain relationships may lead to over-dependence. Relying too much on a specific individual may lead to seclusion as others feel rejected and distance themselves. Sometimes, by investing too much effort on certain relationships, the individual may also unwittingly put other people at risk – for example by divulging sensitive information in order to strengthen specific relationships.

Another possible issue that lies at the other end of the spectrum is becoming too accommodating when it comes to managing relationships. The individual becomes too concerned with trying to make everybody happy and may go to great lengths to do so. Whether the acts are done consciously or unconsciously, the person ends up becoming a people pleaser.

When it comes to managing relationships, spending quality time with people is important as not doing so will allow relationships to deteriorate quickly. However, most people will still find this difficult with all the demands and pressures coming from other fronts. One must find a balance and give time to the things that are important. The results do not always come quickly and consistent effort is required but you will notice positive changes over time.

Managing Relationships – Exploring The Issues Involved

If all else fails, then it is time to seek help by availing of special courses or hiring seasoned professionals who can lead you to the right path and teach you how to deal with relationships in a productive way. There are many avenues where you can seek help in this aspect if you just ask around or spend some time researching about it. With proper guidance and time, you will learn the finer aspects of managing relationships.

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