Delighted to be interviewed by Nikki Bedi on the Vanessa Show, BBC Radio London this morning about the purpose and values of International Women’s Day.

The complete interview can be found on BBC HERE from 2.33.35 to 2.41.00 on the timeline.

As well as touching on some controversial points about whether women had to be like men in order to succeed and whether simply having a one day celebration was sufficient, Nikki and I discussed the importance of women and men having the opportunity to hear and reflect on different aspects impacting women today and the benefits of factoring the woman’s voice & contribution into a wide range of current social & business challenges.

We spoke about some of the events and discussions that took place this week as a part of the International Women’s Day celebrations:

  • How Women on Purpose enables women entrepreneurs and executives to uncover and fulfil on their authentic purpose in life.
  • How Mosaic Network, founded by Prince Charles in 2007 enables women and girls from deprived areas to believe in their potential and what they can achieve in the world.
  • How  The Pink Shoe Club celebrated 50 outstanding women from all backgrounds and areas of life who have achieved a great deal, working locally, nationally and internationally at The House of Lords.
  • How the International Women’s Day Inaugural Lecture at the House of Commons explored  the life of Countess Margot Asquith and the way in which she influenced early 20th Century politics as a leading ‘political hostess’.
  • How the Women of the World Conference in the Southbank over the next three days showcases and celebrates women in arts, politics and business, as well as the opportunity for women entrepreneurs to be mentored on the challenges they are facing through WoW Speed Mentoring.  From my experience of mentoring at WoW over the last 3 years, working with the amazing women who take advantage of WoW Speed Mentoring is absolutely one of the most fulfilling experiences.  If you are going, I look forward to working with you this weekend.

Nikki also asked me whether a one day event was enough.  You can hear my response in the recording.  More importantly, what do you think?  Why not get in touch and let me know?

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